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“Nagarjuna” always makes our heartbeat while watching his movies. The movie “Wild Dog” is one of these. This Telugu language action movie is the best combination of thrill and action. The movie is made from a real-life story. This is full of thrill and drama to make you keep on watching this movie in one go. The movie has many interesting twists and turn and make a real story into the big screen.

Movie NameWild Dog
Director Ashishor Solomon
ProducerS Niranjan Reddy and k Anvesh Reddy
StarsNagarjuna Akkineni,Dia Mirza
Saiyami Kher, Atul Kulkarni
Budget6 Crore
Duration 2 Hour 25 Min
Release Date2 April 2021
BoxOffice Collection7+ Crore

Music By

S Thaman has given the music of this movie. He has sung and composed many songs for movies and albums. S Thaman is working in Telugu and Tamil cinema for a long time. 


The movie is originally made in Telugu language. Later it’s Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil version coming out.

Movie Available at 

As per the New normal trend, the movie was released on OTT Netflix. The file has done rights collaboration with Netflix. Viewers can watch it over the digital platform.

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Movie story

India had a big terrorist attack on the year 2010 at John’s bakery pune That was came in notice all over the world. To make an investigation the Indian home minister had handover the case to special NIA the national investigation agency. They had appointed the very best officer of them Vijay Verma. The officer was popular with the name of Wild dog. That’s where the movie title came from.

The wild dog has taken the charge of Pune baker case with his senior officer. They take a full effort to solve the case with each detail. During an investigation, they have found the CCTV footage of the bakery store. That was showing the man entering into the bakery with a big bag and leaving it there only. 

The senior officer had come to know about the 50 KG od RDX was found from the Andhra- Tamilnadu border. After that, they took that footage as a base. They have made a sketch of the man with a suspected bag and circulated it all over. The shop owner recognizes that sketch and informed the wild dog that he is living in his house with the recommendation of one person named mirza bag Officer also gets success to find and arrest the man who explodes at Pune bakery. He has accepted the blast and also revealed his fail plan to blast at the famous dugdusheth Temple at puna due to heavy security for VIP’s visit over there.

Wild dog Vijay has send the person behind the bars and made a quick search operation for his next agent named Khalid. In the next step of the investigation, Vijay reveals the man to be Indian Mujahideen member Khalid. But Khalid was having an eye over the IPL and make khatil for the job. On this side, the member khatil was arrested by the Bihar NIA. The NIA had taken all our details about Indian mujahideen from khatil for proceeding his son’s health treatment. 

Now with the help of arrested khatil the police had got several clues for the mission. They have suspected one librarian Asadullah and he enlists ali to meet with someone in Mumbai. After that turning point Vijay the “Black Dog” has got believes him to be Khalid. Whereas in Mumbai Khalid was instructed Ali over the phone. Vijay was having a close eye on each movement of that Mumbai meeting. That is why he meets ali inside the taxi and at the same time, Mumbai ATS came to arrest Ali with due information from Bihar NIA.

In the mission, Vijay found one of the officers cheat and slap and suspend from their mission. But then also he continued to work on the same mission. He has found information about Khalid hiding in Nepal from one of his sources. He informed the team. And finally, Vijay went to Nepal with officers to complete the mission. He has found information about Khalid hiding in Nepal from one of his sources.

In Nepal, they were attacked by a man before the Arya arrives. As hemanth was the only person has knowledge about the mission, he was suspected of blowing their cover. The Nepal intelligence officer says that they were attacked by the don bomzan team. The reason behind that is they have got an order to kill Abdullah by a political person working for ISI. Vijay find the bomzan before ordering him to lie to Abdullah. On the other side, Vijay and their officer got fail to get Khalid at the abdullah’s son wedding function. But one the later they have done a shootout and caught Khalid.

At that time one of them informed him about the escape of Abdullah with the help of an ambulance. Now Vijay got the best root to reach out with Abdullah’s ambulance. Also, Khalid came out from his uncounciasness and try to hit Vijay. The other officer of mission black dog informs the Indian embassy over the ambulance matter. As per the importance of the operation and emergency situation, the embassy has let the ambulance pass through the national Indian-Nepal border. In the end, the movie also reveals Vijay’s secret message to suspended officer Hemanth to traitor in the agency. In the end, the Vijay has given the arrested terrorist Khalid to Hemanth as a key role in the mission and salute to Indian flag the true inspiration for investigation agents. 

That is how the film goes in 127 minutes. The acting of nagarjuna takes the story to next level. He has played his action-packed role very well. This movie has the best keep us rooting the movie till the end.

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